About Wade

Wade “Solar” Webb has been designing solar electric generation systems for homes and businesses since 1995. Wade is passionate about bringing economical, safe photovoltaic (PV) power to systems of all sizes, from businesses and homes to industrial applications.

Having been involved in the PV industry for over 13 years, he has designed, sold and installed equipment for a dozen different vendors and several RE companies. Familiar with contractors and subcontractors from the electric, roofing and construction trades, Wade has also worked with licensing, permitting and inspection departments from all over the greater Southern California area.

Wade has been working for Martifer Solar located in West Los Angeles, Ca. since May 2008. They offer a complete team of professionals to design, engineer and install your renewable energy system from start-up to completion. Please feel free to contact Wade about his Solar Training Class at 800-786-9322 or email him at silverfoxrenewables@gmail.com